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February 9, 2022
May 4, 2023

How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?

The cost of a roof replacement can vary greatly, and we're going to break down some of those factors for you.

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After every major storm, we have people calling us in desperation needing a new roof put on to fix the damage the storm did.  And the first thing they all want to know is, how much does a new roof cost?  It would be nice if we could put flat rates on our website, so you could have an easy way to plan your budget. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible, because every house is different and every job is going to have its own expenses. We always offer you a free estimate, so you can know what you’re getting into. But we also want you to understand exactly how the price of a new roof installation is calculated, so you can know what a fair price is and appreciate how the shingle roof cost can vary so much from home to home.  

What Are the Costs 

To understand how we determine how much it costs to shingle a roof, you have to know how much it costs us to pay for all of the work being done.  While there are a number of factors that can affect the price, by far the two biggest are the materials and the labor.


Roofing uses a lot of special construction materials that are designed to keep your roof secure and tight for decades. Of course, when you’re buying something as important as the roof that will keep your home and family safe and dry, you don’t want to just find the cheapest materials you can get your hands on.  A big part of an asphalt shingle roof cost is determined by the price of these materials.  And, unfortunately, those prices can fluctuate a lot over the course of a year.  While the market can push the cost for materials up or bring them back down, ever since the pandemic began in 2019, there has been a steep increase in the price of building materials, and it doesn’t look like they’re coming down anytime soon.  We always work to get you the best deal and save you as much as we can on the materials we use, but we always make sure you’re getting the best quality so that your roof will last you through the years.


The good news about labor is that it is much more stable than the price of materials. The big issues here are going to have to do with the size and shape of your roof and the number of people we need to get it done on time.  Figuring out exactly what you’re going to need in terms of workers is a big part of our free estimate.  Once we’ve seen your roof, we can calculate exactly what you’re going to need and how much it will cost. 

How the Price is Calculated

So, how much does a shingle roof cost?  You’ve now got a better understanding of what the major factors are that go into determining the price.  Now the question is, why does one roof cost more than another roof to install?  

In order to know how much building material we’re going to need, we start by calculating the surface area of your roof.  This is a point where some homeowners get confused.  The surface area of your roof is not the same as the square footage - in fact, it’s always bigger. The more pitch you have to your roof, the more surface area it’s going to have.  So, if you’ve got high vaulted ceilings, it’s probably going to be quite a bit larger than the square footage.  The surface area is important because it tells us how many shingles you’re going to need to cover it all. Once we calculate the surface area of the roof, we can lock in the materials cost for you, so you know exactly what they’ll be.

While labor costs don’t fluctuate as much as materials do, they can be a bit more complicated to calculate.  Workers are paid at a pretty standard rate, but it is on a scale that is based on the difficulty and danger of the work being done.  If you have a flat roof on a one-story home, it’s going to be cheaper than if you’ve got vaulted ceilings on a two-story house, even if the area being replaced is exactly the same.  Labor rates also go up if there have to be any bigger changes to the roof, like revamping a ventilation system.  It all really just depends on how much work there is to be done and how difficult that work is.  Once we have a chance to look at it, we can get you a good estimate of what that cost is going to be.

So, how much does it cost to replace a roof?  80% of the time, we’re working on roofs that have damage, and the home owner’s insurance is going to pay. The reality is, insurance companies are so regulated and have such specific demands, they’re usually the ones deciding the exact amount they’re going to pay for your roof.  But here’s the good news - the price you’ll pay to replace it is really the cost of your deductible.  Everything else is determined by the insurance company, which is really our problem to deal with.  We work hard to make the whole process as easy, painless, and transparent as possible. So if you want a free estimate or have any questions, all you have to do is ask!

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