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February 9, 2022
June 2, 2024

How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost in Texas? | Parish Roofing

The cost of a roof replacement can vary greatly, and we're going to break down some of those factors for you.

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How much does roof replacement cost in Texas?

After every major storm, we have Texas residents calling in desperation—needing a roof replacement. The first question is always “What is the cost to replace a roof in Texas?” The answer isn’t always so simple; every house is different and every job will have varying expenses. But as some of the most trusted roof replacement contractors in Texas, we’ll help break down some of the factors.

Read on to learn more, or contact us for a free roof replacement estimate. We’re committed to transparent communication around roof cost factors so you can feel confident the price is fair and justified.

The average cost of a new roof in Texas

To understand how to find the average cost of a roof replacement in Texas, it’s important to understand all the factors at play. While there are a number of elements that can affect the price, size, materials, and labor are the biggest influences on price.

House size

When it comes to roof replacement in Texas, the size of your house is one of the most significant factors influencing the overall cost. This is simply due to the fact that bigger houses will require more roofing materials (shingles, tiles, underlayment, nails, and other necessary materials). Roofing materials are usually priced per square foot, so a larger roof area directly translates to higher material costs. But a larger sized house can affect roof replacement costs in other ways as well:

  • Labor costs. Larger roofs also require more time to install, meaning higher labor costs.
  • Architectural complexity. Larger homes often have more complex roof designs with additional features like valleys, dormers, skylights, and varying pitches. These features require more skilled labor and time, raising the overall cost.
  • Safety and accessibility. Larger roofs might be taller or have more difficult access points, necessitating special equipment like scaffolding or safety harnesses, adding to labor costs.
  • Disposal costs. Replacing a larger roof generates more debris, which can increase costs related to disposal.
  • Permits and inspections. Sometimes, roof/house size can affect the cost of permits and inspections related to roof replacement.

Roofing materials

Roofing requires specific construction materials that are designed to keep your roof secure and tight for decades. The stakes are high—a roof needs to keep your home and family safe and dry, so it pays to ensure your Texas roofer is using high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Beyond choosing high-quality materials, here are other material factors that affect cost:

  • Price fluctuations. Unfortunately, materials prices can fluctuate a lot over the course of years, months, or even weeks. In fact, ever since the pandemic began in 2019, there has been a steep increase in the price of building materials.
  • Type of material. Most of the roof replacements we do in Texas are asphalt shingle roofs. These are among the most affordable roofing materials, typically costing between $1 to $3 per square foot. They are also relatively easy to install, which can lower labor costs. Wood shingles and shakes cost more (between $4 to $7 per square foot) and are more labor-intensive to install and maintain. Clay, concrete, or slate tiles are the most expensive roofing materials at between $10 to $30 per square foot. These materials also tend to be heavy and therefore may require additional structural support, increasing both material and labor costs. For commercial roofs (and some houses with flat roofs), synthetic materials, like rubber, are popular. These cost between $4 to $10 per square foot and are often easier to install.
  • Material weight. As mentioned, heavier materials like tile and slate may require additional structural support, increasing installation costs.
  • Aesthetics. High-end materials like slate and wood shakes offer a premium look that can increase property value—but the upfront cost of a roof replacement will be higher.


Labor is a big part of the cost to replace a roof in Texas. The good news is, that labor prices are generally more stable than the price of materials, although they have gone up in recent years. As mentioned above, several elements can affect the cost of labor for your roof replacement, including:

  • Size and shape of the roof. The larger and more intricate your roof, the more workers and labor hours it will require. 
  • Type of materials. Certain materials (like tile and wood shingles) take longer to install and will result in higher labor costs. 
  • Difficulty and danger. The difficulty and danger of the work can affect the overall labor costs. If you have a flat roof on a one-story home, labor costs will be cheaper than a two-story house with vaulted ceilings, even if the square footage of the roof is exactly the same. 
  • Additional features. Labor rates also go up if there have to be any bigger changes or features to the roof, like revamping a ventilation system.

Average total cost of roof replacement in Texas

As we’ve discussed, the average cost to replace a roof in Texas will depend on a variety of factors. In fact, we’ve seen numbers as high as half a million dollars for large commercial jobs. Fortunately, your residential roof replacement won’t cost that much!

Estimating roof replacement cost in Texas

So, how much will your roof cost? The first step is to find a trusted roof contractor in Texas that has a good reputation and stellar online reviews. Your chosen contractor should be able to provide you with a free estimate upfront—with transparent detail on each element of the roof quote. At Parish Roofing Solutions, we have a thorough process to calculate your roof replacement cost:

  • We’ll do a thorough discovery and inspection to determine your roof replacement needs, the type of materials, and the scope of the job.
  • Once we have an idea of the type of roof and any special needs for the roof replacement, we’ll calculate the surface area of your roof. Keep in mind that the surface area of your roof is not the same as the square footage of your house—in fact, it’s always bigger. The steeper the pitch of your roof, the more surface area it’s going to have.  
  • After calculating the surface area of the roof, we’ll lock in materials costs for you, so you know exactly what they’ll be.
  • After inspecting the house and existing roof, we can also give a rough estimate of final labor costs. 

Insurance for Texas roof replacements

The cost of a roof replacement in Texas may be a tough pill to swallow. But keep in mind, if your roof has damage from storms, your homeowner’s insurance will cover much of the cost. We’ll even work directly with your insurance company to ensure you get the most coverage for your roof replacement. Plus, we’ll help with the necessary paperwork to make the process as easy, painless, and transparent as possible.

More pro tips on roof replacement for Texas homeowners

In addition to educating yourself on the average cost of roof replacement in Texas, we have some pro tips on how to ensure the longevity of your new roof:

  • Schedule regular inspections. It’s vital to identify and fix issues early to ensure the longest life for your roof. 
  • Consider local weather conditions. Punishing Texas weather conditions (heat, wind, hail, sun, freezes, and more) can affect your roof in the short and long term. That’s why it’s crucial to have a local roofer you trust who is aware of these conditions. 
  • Stay on top of roof maintenance. In addition to roof inspections, it’s important to address maintenance needs regularly and promptly to avoid bigger issues. Your roof contractor can give you specifics on the maintenance needs for your particular roof.

With roofing work, the stakes are high—literally and figuratively! When it comes to choosing a roof replacement company, there are some things you’ll want to look for (and the lowest price usually isn’t one of them!). At Parish Roofing Solutions, we have highly experienced teams; we provide fast, free quotes with transparent and honest communication; we have stellar online reviews and customer referrals; we offer superior warranties and satisfaction guarantees; and we’ll work with your insurance company to get you the most coverage possible. 

Learn more about our roof replacement services and get a free quote today!

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