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Nothing is worse than finding a leak in your roof or realizing it’s time to replace the whole roofing system, especially when you don’t know how to fix it yourself or who to turn to. That’s why we’re here. Tell us what’s going on with your roof and you’ll receive a free quote. Then we’ll take care of the rest from there so you can let go of the stress and put your time into other important things. 

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When I met Randy, right off the bat Randy was transparent with me about how he runs his business before we got into any detail! So the transparency of his business was awesome! The fast and efficient work of his crew was very pleasing and the roof looks great! I couldn't ask to work with a better roofing company than this one! Book asap you will not be disappointed!

Donte Palmer • NOrth Texas Homeowner

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Randy Knows
Mckinney, Texas Roofing.

I created Parish Roofing Solutions to be the McKinney roofing company that you can actually trust and rely on. My name is Randy, and I noticed that there aren’t very many trustworthy roofing companies out there. But why not? I’ve thought about this question for a long time, and I really don’t know the answer.

McKinney Roofing Services that Care

As I thought about this confusing question, I realized the only thing I could do about it was to create a company that went against the trend. McKinney needs a transparent, reliable, and responsible roofing company that will always get the job done right, the first time.

To create the best McKinney roofing company ever, I decided we needed to provide the best work, the best financing, and the best warranties possible. So that’s just what we did. We offer a 10 year workmanship warranty, and roof replacements typically come with a limited lifetime warranty. If your roof leaks after we fix it, we will repair it for free. On top of that, we also realized we needed to provide free estimates at the speed of light, so all estimates are provided within 48 hours of requesting it, guaranteed.

Next step, certification. Parish Roofing Solutions is a Gold Level contractor with Atlas Roofing. This is a crucial aspect to our goal of transparency and credibility, since Atlas Roofing is known around the country for its high-quality roofing materials. We also joined the NTRCA (North Texas Roofing Contractors Association) to show our commitment to being the best McKinney roofing company possible.

With everything listed so far, we were well on our way to becoming the best in McKinney. At this point, we were already creating a great impact, but we started with the goal of becoming the best, so we kept going.

To make Parish Roofing Solutions the best in McKinney, we made education more of a priority than any other home services expert I’ve ever met. The roofing industry can sound complicated, so I made sure I became fluent in all aspects, especially in insurance. Dealing with insurance companies can be a great challenge, so I take the time to make sure every single customer of mine knows exactly how to deal with them and I even offer to work with them directly if they want.

Home owners need to be able to rely on roofing contractors in McKinney that they can count on to help get the insurance company to pay what they owe. Insurance companies try to not pay for insurance claims if they can find even the slightest way to justify it. I became my customers’ ally, the person they could count on to be an advocate for them. Through this, I increased our success rate of each roof being paid by insurance companies tenfold.

Not only do we help get your insurance company to pay for your roof repair or replacement, but we also carry one million dollars of liability insurance, which has never been used. Not even once.

Parish Roofing Solutions quickly became one of the best roofing contractors in McKinney and surrounding areas, and everyone knew it. We’ve replaced or repaired over 500 roofs, created the most transparent and reliable roofing company around, and are able to say that we truly care about every one of our customers. How’s that for a roofing company?!

Even our job sites are better than our competition. I have trained my teams to produce as little waste as possible. No matter what people believe, nobody wants to see more needless scrap in our dumps. And our teams clean up after themselves. Ask anyone who has had their roof replaced and you are likely to hear them talk about ruined lawn mowers and sore feet, due to their yard being littered with roofing nails and debris. We take time to try and pick up everything that we can.

A fun fact about Parish Roofing Solutions is that we don’t storm chase. Meaning, we don’t seek areas that have been tragically destroyed & damaged by storms, and then sell roof repair and replacement to them. I don’t think storm chasing for customers is a credible business move. We have always focused on serving our community in the DFW area, and always will. I really believe we’re the residential and commercial roofers McKinney TX deserves.

In 6 years, I have yet to have an unhappy customer. I do not allow a job to be finished until everyone is satisfied with the results.  Even when the unforeseen happens, I present every available option.

I’ve been on construction jobs since I could walk. My dad has been a wood worker and deck builder for over 35 years and I grew up helping him. Once my customers realize my depth of knowledge, they always ask me for advice on elaborate backyard plans.

We’ve accomplished a lot, and we’re just getting started. Parish Roofing Solutions has become one of the commercial roofers McKinney TX can rely on, and the residential roofers that our customers can’t stop telling the world about. Our goal is to be the best, and I think we’re doing pretty well at it. 

What Low-Quality Roofing Companies Might Do

Since I’ve spent so much time in the roofing industry, I learned that low-quality roofing companies have many ways to scam you, or to just be plainly dishonest. Here’s the top things that low-quality roofing companies might do:

  1. Take the payment and run
  2. Cut corners to save money on the underlayment system, since the homeowner will never see it 
  3. Not send proper documentation to the insurance company, thus compromising coverage 
  4. Not stand behind their warranty, leaving their customers with leaky roofs
  5. Not follow proper manufacturer specifications, thus compromising manufacturer warranty

There’s a lot of things roofing companies can do to really ruin your day, and we guarantee that none of these will ever happen at Parish Roofing Solutions. I ensure that every customer of mine is well taken care of. You deserve a great roof, and that’s exactly what I am going to deliver.

What to Watch Out For

Just so you’re able to spot a low-quality roofing company, here are the top five things to watch out for:

  1. Online presence – this can go for a lot of industries, but anyone at any time can start a roofing company. It's important to know that they not only have a good reputation but are established and not just getting started.
  2. They’re local – Texas has no state licensing and we are a hot market for roof replacement so people will come from all over to try and get business here. If there are issues down the road with your roof, it’s a tough spot to be in to have a warranty with a company who is in another state.
  3. Willing to eat your deductible – this may seem like a positive for some people but at the end of the day this is against the law. Anyone willing to break the law on a daily basis and put their business and customers at risk is someone I would be skeptical to work with on such an important piece of my home.
  4. They should easily be able to show you proof of their insurance.
  5. Anyone who does not seem to be direct – watch out for people that don’t tell you what a project will cost, this can mean they are hiding something or are new to the industry.

 So there you have it, we created a truly reliable and transparent roofing company that McKinney loves, by becoming one of the best roofing companies McKinney Texas locals can trust. It took a long time to get here, and we’re going to keep getting better. Please contact me if you need roof repair or replacement. You will enjoy the results, guaranteed.

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Roof Replacement in McKinney, Texas

Roofs need to be replaced. Even if you haven’t had any damage from storms or trees, a roof is only designed to last about 25 years. And if you’ve had yours for that long, it’s time to get it replaced. You don’t want to wait until it suffers major damage before you take that step. At Parish Roofing Solutions, we’ll replace your roof the right way - by stripping it down to the base and doing a total system replacement. When we’re done, the whole thing will be brand new. We’ll make sure it’s built to last for another quarter of a century!

Roof Repair in McKinney, Texas 

A leaking roof can quickly become a major problem if you don’t act fast to fix it! You don’t want water to seep into your home and ruin your belongings. That’s why Parish Roofing Solutions is here to take care of your roof repair. Other companies may just throw on a temporary quick fix and wait for you to have to call them back.  But, we always believe in doing it right the first time. So call us today to get the high-quality, professional repairs you need to make sure your family is safe and your home is secure from leaks and water damage.

Roof Damage in McKinney Texas 

Storms can cause a lot of damage. This is especially true for roofs. Hail and high winds can rip off shingles and punch holes in your roof, and there’s nothing worse than dealing with leaks during a big storm. That’s why Parish Roofing Solutions is here for you to get your home fixed fast. We try to handle all storm damage within 24 hours, so you can know that your family and belongings are secure. So don’t wait, if a storm has damaged your home, call us right away! We’ll get your repairs done fast so you can rest easy again!

Roof Insurance Claims in McKinney, Texas

Dealing with insurance companies is never fun. We want to help you navigate your claim so you can get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

What Our Clients Say

When you contact us, you’ll receive a free roof estimate for your damaged roof. We’ll get you taken care of in no time, so call or email us today!

When I met Randy, right off the bat Randy was transparent with me about how he runs his business before we got into any detail! So the transparency of his business was awesome! The fast and efficient work of his crew was very pleasing and the roof looks great! I couldn't ask to work with a better roofing company than this one! Book asap you will not be disappointed!

Donte Palmer • North Texas Homeowner

My roof is 7 years old and over that time I’ve seen PLENTY of hail storms.  So figured it was time to have a professional take a look and see how much it was going to cost me.  Keeping in mind I know nothing about roofs!  Randy came out quick, and did a detailed review of the entire roof.

Mitch Malaby • Dallas, Texas

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