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June 29, 2022
July 6, 2023

How Often Should I Replace My Texas Roof?

How often you have to replace your roof can vary greatly if you live in Texas.

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a roof replacement in Texas

The average roof lasts 20 years or more. However, you’ll be lucky if your roof lasts that long in Texas. That’s because the weather here is brutal on structures. 

How long you should expect your roof to last without needing a replacement will depend greatly on the weather of your area. 

If you receive little to no hail and only have to deal with the extreme Texas Summer heat, it may last up to 20 years. It usually doesn’t last longer than this because, over time, the heat will dry out the shingles, leaving them to warp and crack. When this happens, water is more likely to seep through, creating rot in your roof's foundation and eventually leading to leaks. 

If you do receive frequent hail, your roof may last 8-10 years. Of course, this is just an estimate and depends greatly on circumstances. Just because you got a new roof doesn’t mean it will hold up better in a major hail storm. That’s one of the reasons why some seasons of the year are more ideal for roof replacements than others. We’ve seen roofs that have needed to be replaced within just 6 months of receiving a new roof. 

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid hail storms in the Dallas/Fort-Worth areas of Texas. However, there are things you can do to minimize roof damage, and that’s getting a roofing contractor that does an excellent job of doing the job 110%. 

When you hire us at Parish Roofing Solutions, we go above and beyond expectations. In order to help you get the most life out of your roof, we always strip everything down and build from the bottom up with the highest grade materials available. We believe a firm foundation is key, so we don’t half-do anything. 

So if your roof is hitting its 20-year mark, you’ve recently endured a big hail storm, or your roof is showing signs of needing work, give us a call today. We’ll give you a free roof inspection before we do anything else.

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