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April 29, 2022
July 6, 2023

Protect Your Roof's Weak Spots From Heavy Rain

All roofs have weak spots that need a little extra care

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a roof dripping heavy rain, showcasing roof's weak spots

It’s that time of year again, when spring showers bring lots of flowers…but they can also bring leaks and rain damage to your home. If you’re worried about roof problems, we’ve got the solutions. 

Every roof has weak spots. As much as we want to keep them closed systems, there are always going to be places where water can pool or where something has to penetrate the decking and leave a potential hole. So what can we do about these weak spots to prevent rain damage and roof problems?  There’s really only one sure way to prevent leaks, and that’s to make sure the roof is installed with the extra protection it needs to keep these weak spots strong in any weather.

Where are the weak spots?

Why do roofs have weak spots?  We do our best to create roofs that are strong and will last decades, and it would be great if they could be built without weaknesses. But there are other things a roof needs to do along with keeping the water out.  And it’s these other purposes that cause most of the roof problems and weaknesses.  Over 95% of all leaks in your roof will come from one of the following places.


Valleys are created wherever two sections of your roof come together.  They are unavoidable because the slopes on your roof have to follow the structure of the home.  Unless you live in a simple box house, it’s likely you’re going to have at least a couple of valleys.  

The problem with valleys is that they are a prime place for rain damage to occur.  If it doesn’t drain properly, water can begin to pool on these valleys, eventually making its way past they the shingles and causing leaks in your home. 

Roof penetrations

A roof penetration is anything that requires us to put a hole in your roof.  While it may seem odd to think about intentionally cutting a hole in the part of your home that keeps the rain out, there are a lot of important reasons why it happens.  

If you have a chimney, you have a hole in your roof. Chimneys and exhaust pipes are important for the safety of your house.  They direct smoke and other fumes out of the home so you can breathe easy.  But they also penetrate the roof, creating gaps that have to be patched over.  If they are done correctly, water shouldn’t be able to get through.  If not, over time leaks can begin to form.

How to stop problem areas from leaking

So, what can you do about the problem areas of your roof?  It all comes down to installation. 

You’d think that any contractor would know how to install your roof in a way that protects these problem areas.  The reality is that it can be time-consuming and more expensive to do things right.  So when someone is trying to cut corners, this is one of the first areas that can suffer.

Leak barriers

The key to protecting yourself from roof problems is to place a leak barrier under the shingles in problem areas.  At Parish Roofing Solutions, we prefer the Ice and Water Shield.  It is a peel-and-stick barrier that is designed to adhere directly to your decking.  Thicker than other types of underlayment, it does a great job reinforcing the places on your roof that are prone to having problems.  

Results that speak

If you want to prevent rain damage in Texas, you need a roofer who puts in the extra time to get things done right. At Parish Roofing Solutions, we always go the extra mile to make sure that your roof is truly protected.  That’s why we have a less than 2% call-back rate on our warranties. We make sure we do things right the first time.  Our clients can feel confident knowing that our roofs last.  

If you have roof problems in McKinney or are worried about the heavy rains in Frisco; if you want to protect your home from roof damage in Texas, Parish Roofing Solutions is here to keep your home protected for the long term. Schedule your FREE consultation today and keep your home’s weak spots protected.

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