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February 3, 2022
July 6, 2023

What Is the Best Time of Year to Replace a Roof in Texas?

While there may be more ideal times to do roofing work, it's important to not wait if you need your roof repaired. Parish Roofing Solutions is prepared to work in any environment.

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Best Time to Replace a Roof in Texas

If your roof is starting to age and you’re thinking about getting it replaced, you may be wondering when the best time is to replace a roof.  Here in Dallas/Fort Worth, the weather can be a big factor in figuring out the best time of year to replace your roof.  But, no matter what the temperature is, or what the weather forecaster is predicting, if your roof is failing you should never wait to get it repaired or replaced. That being said, as long as your moisture barrier hasn’t been broken, and you don’t have any serious damage, there are certain times of year that can make your roof easier to install.

Temperature: When you should and shouldn't replace a roof.

If you don’t have a dire need and can wait to pick the time of year, the number one factor for deciding the best time to replace a roof is the temperature. 

Extreme cold and extreme heat can make it pretty miserable for the workers to be outside, pulling down an old roof and installing a new one. But as much as we may not like it, we’re used to working in all conditions. The real issue doesn’t have anything to do with us. It’s all about the materials used in installing a roof.

In the winter, cold temperatures can make the shingles less flexible. This makes them more brittle and there’s a chance that they can break or crack when we’re putting nails through them. This can leave a roof more vulnerable and in less than optimal condition.  Of course, we always try to catch any cracks while we’re doing the installation, but if you can pick when you’re going to replace your roofing, it’s better to avoid the cold of winter.

The heat of summer isn’t much better.  The asphalt in the shingles can become soft and wet when they get too hot. This makes it harder to put them in place.  If the heat gets too bad, it can even make it hard to walk on the shingles.  Just stepping on them can cause them to rub the asphalt and streak the roof. 

So, when you’re looking for the best time of year for a roof replacement, it’s best if you can avoid extreme cold and heat.  Of course, we do replace and repair roofs in both the winter and summer, and we know how to adjust our construction so that we put on a solid roof in good condition no matter what the weather is doing. But, if you can wait until spring or fall when the temperatures are more optimal, it does make the process go more smoothly and reduces the chances of weather-related issues coming up during the construction process.

Hail: Recent damage may mean it's time for a new roof

Here in Dallas/Fort Worth, we don’t just have to worry about temperatures, we also have to deal with a pretty nasty hail season in the spring.  From about mid-March till May, the hail storms can get really bad.  If it’s possible, it’s good to plan your roof installation at the beginning or end of spring, when the temperatures are mild, but the hail isn’t pummeling the workers or your roof.  

While hail can potentially cause damage to your new roof, the reality is that, if you live in this area, your home is going to get hit by it one way or another. So, don’t worry about trying to avoid the hail storms altogether.  The benefits of the mild temperatures in spring outweigh any negatives from the hail storms.  If you can arrange your installation for the beginning or end of the season, that’s great.  But if you can’t, don’t wait until the heat of summer comes in to have your roof replaced.  Go ahead and do it.  Your new roof will be able to handle the hail.

Whatever time of year it is, if you need a new roof, Parish Roofing Solutions is here to get it installed.  Never wait if you’ve got any damage - no matter what the temperature or the weather, we know how to fix and replace your roof so that it’s in the best condition possible.  So reach out today and get your free estimate, and we’ll get your new roof scheduled for when it’s most convenient for you!

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