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April 1, 2022
July 6, 2023

What to Do When You Have a Roofing Emergency

Waiting for a storm to pass so you can repair your roof can seem like an eternity. Luckily, there are some sort-term fixes.

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There are few sounds in this world as scary as the quiet - plop, plop - of a leak in your home.  When you hear it, your stomach drops and you know you need to find someone who can help, fast!  Any roofer will tell you that they wish they could get your roof patched up quick so you don’t have to worry. But there’s bad news.  When you need an emergency repair done to your roof, it’s probably because the storm is still dumping rain on your home, and we can’t do anything until the weather clears. 

So, what can you do when you have a home emergency, with water leaking in?  You may be on your own for the time being, but here are some ways to get the situation stable and reduce the damage being done to your house.

Step 1: Find the leak

Before you can stop a leak, you have to know where it is and how the water is seeping into your home.  You’ve probably noticed the dripping somewhere inside your home - in a bedroom, living room, or some other internal space. Wherever you find the water, it’s probably had a journey to get there.  

Leaks start at the shingles.  Something happens there that allows the water to get under your primary protection.  From there, it pools until it can find a way through your decking. Then it makes its way into your attic until it starts getting into the drywall and sheetrock, and finally into your home.  This is one of the reasons that having regular roofing tune-ups is so important - it can catch problems in the shingles and decking before the water can make it into your home.

Step 2: Get as close to the origin as you can

Knowing how a leak starts and gets into your home, you can see that you want to stop the water as close to its origin as possible.  That way, you can prevent it from causing more damage lower down in the system.  

Unfortunately, if you can’t get help from a professional while the rain is still going, you’re not going to be able to fix it either.  But, if you can get into your attic, you can put down buckets and collect the water at its point of entry.  That way, you won’t have any internal injury to your home from the roof damage. 

If you can’t get into your attic because it’s not accessible, then you still want to try and find the earliest point in the leak that you can stop it.  Even if that means just having a bucket on the floor in the room where it’s dripping out, at least that will prevent damage to your carpets or hardwood. 

Step 3: Request a 3-point inspection

As soon as the weather clears, you need to get a professional out to fix your roof and any other damage as soon as possible.  At Parish Roofing Solutions, we’ll do a 3-point inspection to make sure that all damage is fixed and all threats for future problems are taken care of.  

A 3-point inspection means that we’ll start with your roof.  We’ll fix the decking and shingles and make sure everything is secure, so you don’t have to worry about future storms.

Once the roof is solid again, we’ll move to the attic, where the water first got in, and check to see if there’s any damage there that needs to be addressed.  Since this is the first place the water got into your house, it’s the place most likely to have issues.  We’ll take care of them all for you.

Finally, we’ll check your sheetrock and drywall, and go over the inside of your home to make sure that the water didn’t cause more problems somewhere that you may not even be aware of. Leaving water damage in a part of your home untreated can lead to long-term issues, like mold and rot.  We want to make sure everything is taken care of immediately, so you don’t have bigger issues - and bigger bills - later on.  

In addition to all these steps, it helps to already have a roofing company you trust.  At Parish Roofing Solutions, we’ll always be here to help you deal with everything from routine maintenance to the worst emergency.  We can even help with your insurance claim.  We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure your home is always secure.  Call or reach out to us today!

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