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March 25, 2022
July 6, 2023

What You Need to Know About Garage Roof Repair

Garage roof maintenance can be easy to forget about, but that doesn't mean you should.

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Garage Roof Repair Essentials - Texas Roofing Blog

Everyone knows that they’ve got to keep the roof of their house in good condition. After all, it protects your family and your belongings from the ravages of storms and weather. Plus, if something goes wrong, you normally notice it pretty quickly. But what about your garage? While you may park your car there or use it as storage, do you give your garage roof the attention that it needs? Very often, the answer is no. 

While keeping the main part of your house taken care of should be your top concern, you don’t want to neglect your other buildings.  Often, your garages have their own issues or needs that you haven’t thought about.  So don’t wait until you already need garage roof repair to start planning on taking care of those buildings.  

There are really two types of garages, whether they are a single or two-car garage.  What really matters is if you have a detached or attached garage, both of which can have their own issues.

Detached Garage

The biggest issue with a detached garage is that it’s not connected to your house.  That becomes a problem when you forget to have it maintained with the rest of your home. We see this all the time in the field. Detached garages can look really nice when they are built along with the house. But as the decades roll by, it’s easy to neglect them.  You may see them or use them on a daily basis, but you’re likely not spending a lot of time in them.  When you have a roofer come out, you’re focused on your home and may be looking to cut some corners on your bill, so you don’t have them re-roof the garage while they are there.

Detached garages are usually the first place to show real signs of age and wear, even on a nice home.  Once there’s a problem and we’re finally called to work on one, we usually find multiple layers of shingles and poorly done patches. And the sad thing is, it’s completely preventable. It really just comes down to remembering to keep the same maintenance practices with your detached buildings that you do with the main part of your home. 

Attached Garage

It’s easy to understand why a detached garage gets neglected. After all, it’s a separate building, it’s not hard to turn a blind eye or just forget to have a roofer look at it.  But with an attached garage, it should be a no-brainer, right?  After all, when a roofing contractor is fixing the rest of your house, the garage should be included.  Well, yes, but also no.  

The problem with attached garages isn’t that you’ll forget to have maintenance done on them. It’s actually something much more surprising and potentially damaging.

Attached garages are where most people end up putting satellite dishes and other external additions to the home.  That means that it’s the part of your roof that is most likely to have people climbing on it and doing work who are not professional roofers.  

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been working on a home’s roof and found leaks and damage that had been done by a satellite dish company when their installer just started nailing and drilling away.  There are often leaks getting through the shingles and decking that’s rotted away because these technicians just don’t know what they’re doing on a roof.  

Because of this, and because you may be less likely to catch a leak in your garage, it’s important to make sure your attached garage is checked over if you’ve had any new equipment installed. An experienced roofing contractor, like Parish Roofing Solutions, can come take a look and make sure everything was done properly. 

Garages can be easy to neglect, and damage can be easy to miss.  Make sure you plan ahead so your attached or detached garage stays in top condition.  If you need garage roof repair in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, Parish Roofing Solutions will be there to get your old neglected garage brought back to its former glory.  And we’ll make sure that your attached garage is still in good shape. Reach out today for a FREE consultation and we’ll get your garage roof back to new.

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