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April 4, 2022
July 6, 2023

How Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Roof

Clogged gutters cause more problems than you'd expect. Here's what to look out for and how to prevent it.

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No one likes cleaning out the gutters. It’s a nasty job that, if you could, you’d probably try to convince someone else to do for you. And after a bad Texas storm, gutters usually need even more care and attention. Leaves and debris gather within your gutters, and you might think that’s not a big deal. But there are two major problems you can run into if you don’t clean them out regularly. 

Gutter Damage

The most obvious issue you may face if you allow your gutters to fill up is gutter damage. The built-up deposits can get pretty weighty after a while, and there’s only so much your gutters can hold. Pretty soon, they’ll start bending and warping, and even come off! You definitely don’t want this to happen, but we understand that life can get in the way of things. So if it does, we at Parish Roofing Solutions in Texas can do gutter repair on your home. 

We’ll also want to check to make sure there’s no further damage because, believe it or not, bad gutters can also cause damage to your roof. 

Roof Damage

Gutters are designed to collect water from off your roof and divert it back to the ground. But when gutters get clogged, they can no longer do this effectively. With nowhere to go, that water can make its way into your roof. 

First, the water will back up into the shingles. It won’t seem like a big deal at first because you won’t even notice it. Due to its location at the edge of your roof, you probably won’t get a leak in your home. At least, not in the beginning. 

This roof damage can go unnoticed for a while, but that’s actually what makes it so dangerous. Once the water gets under the shingles, it will begin to rot the decking underneath. That mold and rot will begin to spread throughout the interior, eventually making its way into your walls and causing damage to your roof and walls. 

Prevention is Key

The bottom line is, as much as we all hate to do it, cleaning out the gutters regularly is very important in maintaining a strong, healthy home. Otherwise, you run into the risk of needing gutter repair or replacement or even needing work done on your roof and walls from the damage it caused. 

If you need help with gutter maintenance, repairing or replacing your bad gutters, or even need us to fix roof damage from clogged gutters, contact Parish Roofing Solutions here in Texas for a free quote! We’ll make sure you get the best gutters to help prevent future problems for you. 

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