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April 27, 2022
July 6, 2023

How to Tell if Bad Weather has Hurt Your Roof

Here are a few key ways to tell if your roof has been harmed by bad weather

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A bad weather storm in Texas, looming over a roof

Storm season is here, and bad weather means you may be needing some roof repair. But how does a homeowner know when the storms in Texas are just scary or when they have really done damage? The only way to know for sure is to get eyes on your roof and check.  And if you have any indications that something’s wrong, you don’t want to wait.  Here are some signs that you’ve got a problem and need to get someone out to your home, fast. 

Leaks and water stains

Of course, anytime you notice a leak or start to see water stains appear on your ceilings, you want to call someone right away. During the storm season in Texas, a lot of things can go wrong. High winds can rip off shingles. Hail can break shingles. And heavy rains can cause minor damage to snowball as water pours and pools on your roof.

If you do notice a leak, get as close to the source as you can - usually the attic - and put a bucket down to prevent more widespread damage. Then call right away so we can come fix it!

Shingles in your yard

Shingles showing up in your yard after a storm is never a good thing.  If you’re lucky, they may have blown onto your property from one of your neighbors' homes.  But you have to make sure. If possible, do a visual inspection by walking around your house and seeing if you notice any spots where you can tell shingles are missing off your roof. 

If you do see where the shingles have come off your roof, call us right away. Even if you can’t see anything wrong, though, don’t assume that everything is OK.  Sometimes it’s hard to get a good look from the ground. You’re still going to want someone to get on your roof to check it out.

Roof inspection is the key

The only guaranteed way to make sure your roof has come through the storm season intact is to have a professional come look at it.

At Parish Roofing Solutions, we offer FREE roof inspections for just this reason.  We’ll come out and climb up on your roof. We’ll look at every inch, and take time to use our hands to make sure everything is still solid and secure.  


So, if you’re worried about fixing storm damage in Frisco or McKinney, or need someone to inspect your roof in Texas, call us Parish Roofing Solutions! We’ll come and make sure that your home is watertight. Schedule your FREE roof inspection today!

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